Images – Behind the Scenes

Amina Mama, producerYaba Badoe, director and producer. Photo: Niall Mc DiamidDarren Hercher, cinematographerDuncan Harris, editorFenella Greenfield, who made the trailer for The Witches of GambagaMany thanks to Wendy Hollway for generously funding the websiteYao Ladzepo, cinematographerYaba Badoe giving Dobet Gnahoré a DVD of The Witches of Gambaga, in thanks for selected music tracks used in the filmColin Izod, Yaba Badoe and RoseYaba Badoe, Colin Izod (Director of Big Heart Media), Rose and Duncan Harris (editor of The Witches of Gambaga)Dobet Gnahoré in concert at Rich Mix, LondonDobet Gnahoré in concert at Rich Mix, LondonYaba Badoe with Fenella Greenfield, who created the film trailerYaba Badoe with Jim Betteridge, sound mixer for the filmPaula Nightingale, Yaba Badoe and Magaret BusbyPaula Nightingale, whose feedback to an earlier cut of the fim was invaluableYaba Badoe and Dobet Gnahoré

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