The Witches of Gambaga | A documentary film by Yaba Badoe

The Witches of Gambaga | A documentary film by Yaba Badoe

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[more]]]>Here’s an old review of The Witches of Gambaga I’ve just come across. It’s well worth a read because the blogger has visited Gambaga and antagonised the chief while she was there!

Thanks for the great review planet dissi


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[more]]]>It seems one of the motives behind the recent spate of ‘witch’ burnings in Papua New Guinea is a desire to usurp women from their land.

This article in the New York Times is very enlightening:


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[more]]]>I’ve just returned to London after attending Afrikamera in Berlin. The theme of this year’s festival was women in front and behind the camera. Here’s a report on the festival by African-American academic, Beti Ellerson:


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[more]]]>Here’s an interview with Collective Eye, the new distributors of DVDs of The Witches of Gambaga in the USA


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[more]]]>Check out these incredible photos of ‘witches’ at the Gambaga camp and Kpatinga taken by Ghanaian photographer, Nyani Quarmyne. They are very good indeed.]]>

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[more]]]>I was invited to show The Witches of Gambaga at a Women’s Things seminar in Orkney to celebrate International Women’s Day. I had a great time with my old school friend, now county archeoleogist  of Orkney, Julie Gibson, who organised the seminar. About 50 of us spent the day mulling over folk tales – From Goddess to Witch: the Declining Fortunes of Women in Orkney Folk Tradition, women magicians and shamans among the Vikings and then Orkney Witchcraft Trails of the 17th century.  A veritable feast of gender and justice over the ages! Below is a link to Radio Orkney’s feature on the seminar. It’s the second item in:


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[more]]]>Amina Mama will be presenting and  discussing The Witches of Gambaga  at  the Museum of the African Diaspora,  San Francisco on Saturday 10th March at 10am.]]>

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[more]]]> Fantastic news! The Witches of Gambaga has just been short-listed for the One World Media 2012 Documentary Award!

  Check out the website:


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[more]]]>Here’s an interesting review of  The Witches of Gambaga by Kathy Stewart.

I was a keynote speaker at the conference on Women and Film in Africa, which was held at the University of Westminster at the end of last year.


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[more]]]>The screening of the Witches of Gambaga at the British Film Institute on Saturday afternoon was fantastic. The documentary played to a full house and ‘Delwande’, a film from Burkino Faso about a woman accused of witchcraft that followed the screening, made for a great programme and an excellent discussion afterwards. Thank you every one who came and made the afternoon such a success.]]>