Witches of Gambaga in Nassau, Bahamas

Written by Yaba Badoe on May 28, 20112 Comments

Last night’s screening at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas was very well attended. Between 40 -50 Bahamians and friends turned up to watch an out-door viewing of ‘The Witches of Gambaga’ on a balmy Nassau night. Among the audience and well wishers was my old friend Audrey Roerts of Source International Development Consultants and Marion Bethel – poet, filmmaker, lawyer and the inspiration behind High Tide. High Tide and Source collaborated with Erica James of the National Gallery of the Bahamas to bring me to the Bahamas. The documentary was well-received and searching questions were asked after the screening. Chrissie Love, doyenne of morning talk radio came to the event, having invited Audrey and me to take part in her show on Wednesday morning. Tyronne Fergurson, an African-inspired metal artist was there as well as other well-wishers such as Maria Govan, director of the excellent Bahamian feature film, Rain. I’m really enjoying my stay in Nassau. I love the quaint candy-coloured houses here.